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Why Make the Change to Water Fed Pole Systems

Traditional window cleaners are frightened of making the shift towards water fed pole systems. The reason for this is that most customers are happy with traditional cleaning methods and are reluctant when it comes to making a change. After all, if the old washing system works, why bother changing it? Well, water fed pole systems work faster and are a lot safer, meaning that windows cleaners stand to make good profits. If the new customer forbids you to use the new system, you should try explaining some of the benefit of using water fed pole systems, so that you will not lose more clients. Overall, investing in a water pole has many benefits for your business.

Explaining how the cleaning system works

It is worth mentioning to the customer that it is more advantageous to use water instead of soap or other scrubbing solutions. The cleaning tool contains liquid in its finest form. Purified water is a better cleaning agent owing to the fact that it does not contain dissolved solids. On the other hand, tap liquid is full of impurities, meaning that it will leave spots and streaks. The result of using this washing tool is that the windows dry naturally and they remain spotless for a longer period of time. The explanation lies in the fact that there will be no more soap residue left. The residue that is left on the window tends to form spots in contact with rainfall. Using a water tube means that there are no residues left and the window actually stays spotless for a long time. It is needless to say that the cleaning system is faster, which means that you perform your task in have the time it would take with traditional methods.

Degree of safety

The structure of many buildings does not allow ease of access. Until now, cleaners have mainly relied on ladders and platforms to do the window cleaning. However, working at height is risky and you should not risk your life just to clean a building. Equally important is that the law actually forbids workers to use ladders when they have safer alternatives. The water fed pole allows the cleaner to do his job and obtain good results, without having to risk accidents. Therefore, there will be no more operational risks, not to mention that they cause less disturbance and damage to the environment. You can still use the ladder now and then, but only when you have to access windows that are 70 feet high.

Saving money

It is no secret that in the window cleaning industry prices are high due to the risk. This means that the greater the risk is, the higher the price is. In addition to this, cleaners are frequently required to hire lifts or buy special equipment. When this is no longer necessary, the savings are passed on to the clients. If the service is more affordable, then you can expand your client base. What clients appreciate most is professionalism and reasonable prices. Since the price of cleaning the window is fairly cheap, you can advertise other cleaning services like guttering or panelling.

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