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What Makes a Good Clothes Steamer

No matter if you are going to work, on a date, or just out with some friends, you have to look your best, and the clothes that you are wearing can ruin your whole appearance if they are untidy.
There are many methods of getting rid of the aesthetically unpleasant wrinkles, but few of them are as efficient as the clothes steamer. In order to make sure that you are buying a good clothes steamer, you first have to know what makes a good clothes steamer, therefore you should read the following lines to find out.

Good reach

Clothes steamers aren’t used only for clothes, but they are used for draperies as well.
With the full-size steamers, you need a long power cord and a long hose to reach those high places without having to stand on a step stool, and with the handheld clothes steamer, you need to use an extension cord.
A good reach makes a good clothes steamer, because you want it to be convenient for your use, making your job easy, not to have a hard time using it.

Good water capacity

The water capacity of the unit shows how long it can be used continuously before it needs to have its reservoir refilled.
A small handheld steamer should be able to steam continuously for about 10 minutes, and this can be inconvenient for people who need to use it on many clothes.
If you are looking for a unit with good water capacity, go for a steamer that has a large reservoir, and you will be able to steam more clothes with it without having to refill every 10 minutes.

Wheels for full-size clothes steamers

Portable steamers may be smaller, but many prefer them due to the fact that they are not heavy, and they are easy to operate with. On the other hand, full-size steamers have a better water capacity than the portable models, being more convenient if you want to use the steamer on a lot of clothes, but their downfall is definitely their size.
A full-size steamer can even weigh up to 20 pounds, which makes it hard to move it around, therefore wheels for better mobility are a must in order to make it easy for you to move the unit wherever you need.

Automatic shut-off

The automatic shut-off is definitely a feature you must look for if you want to have a good clothes steamer. With this useful feature, the unit turns itself on automatically if it runs dry, preventing a motor burnout. Also, by having the automatic shut-off you can rest assured that even if you walk away from the steamer nothing bad can happen, because it stops running.

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