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Top 5 Healthy Cocktail Recipes

Who doesn’t like cocktails?! It is without any doubt extremely nice to have a chat with your friends while enjoying a fine cocktail. On the other hand, maybe you are wondering if cocktails are healthy. The answer is yes, many of them are, but it’s very important that you know when to stop, otherwise you might feel sick. Here is a top 5 healthy cocktail recipes.

Pink grapefruit and lychee cocktail

In love with grapefruit and vodka? If yes, then you will certainly love this vibrant cocktail. First of all, you need a shaker which has been half filled with ice. Add vodka, lychees and grapefruit juice, and shake all these ingredients together for a minute. Pour the drink into a Martini glass and garnish it with lychee. You will now enjoy a fine healthy cocktail.

Vitality vodka lemonade

In case you want a refreshing cocktail, then this recipe will certainly meet your needs. It is incredibly tasty and flavouring. You will need to blend some romaine lettuce, celery stalk, cucumber, green apple and some fresh ginger. After you blend for a minute all these ingredients, just add vodka and your refreshing and tasty cocktail will be ready to be served. It is the ideal cocktail for vodka lovers.

Botanical Gin Martini

If you have to choose between gin, beer and wine, definitely go for gin. Are you wondering why? Because it has fewer calories than wine or beer, and it’s extremely healthy, if it’s drank in small quantities. Simply mix some quality gin with white wine and some ice cubs, in order to obtain this tasty cocktail. Some small pieces of frozen cucumber can be added on top of your drink, for a refreshing taste. Your friends will certainly be impressed by this healthy and amazing cocktail.

Isle punch

Have you ever thought that a cocktail can actually make your body extremely resistant to viruses? If yes, then you probably have heard about Isle punch cocktail. This cocktail is without any doubt a healthy one and it actually tastes really nice. In order to create this amazing drink, you will need a quality whiskey which you will mix with honey. The second step is to mix lavender with rosemary, thyme and sage, and put this aromatic mixture into hot water. After you have done this, you will obtain a drink similar to a tea, which you will add it to the whiskey and honey mixture. For a special flavour, add a bit of lemon juice. You will absolutely love this cocktail.

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