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Top 3 Greatest LG Dryers

There are certain manufacturers that have proved themselves as being the best over time, bringing nothing but quality products to the consumers. One of the most respectable manufacturers out there is LG, because they always bring quality products to their consumers, they have prices that are fit for everybody, and they are always one step ahead of their competition. If you are interested in buying one of the best dryers, you have to read the following lines to see which are the top 3 greatest dryers from LG, and you can rest assured that any model you pick will perform perfectly.

3. LG Ultra-Capacity SteamDryer DLEX3885

The DLEX3885 from LG comes at the price of $1500 and it is one of the best dryers that you can find on the market nowadays. The high price of this unit is easily explainable due to its many features and cycles.
This model prides itself with its 14 drying cycles and 5 temperature levels, and it has a generous capacity of 7.4 cubic feet. The most important and useful features of this dryer are definitely the SensorDry system which detects when the laundry has dried, automatically stopping the machine for the load to not over dry, the SteamFresh feature which freshens the clothes rapidly whenever you need it, and the SteamSanitary cycle which efficiently eliminates up to 99,9% of all household bacteria that may lurk in your laundry.

2. LG Top-Load SteamDryer DLEX5101V

The DLEX5101V costs $1100, a price that is reasonable and affordable, especially if you keep in mind what the unit is capable of. It has a large capacity of 7.3 cubic feet, 14 drying cycles, 5 temperature settings, the control panel is very clear and easy to use, the large opening offers easy access to the drum, and the flint filter is extremely easy to remove and replace. This model has many features and programs that make it the ideal choice for anyone, and some of the most important are the SteamFresh cycle, the SteamSanitary cycle, the Sensor Dry system, and the Anti-Bacterial cycle. In addition, it has a very useful EasyIron option that makes your life a lot easier, because the laundry comes out with a lot less wrinkles than it would with other models that don’t have this option.

1. LG DLEX8000V

The number one position is occupied by the amazing and revolutionary DLEX8000V, which comes at the price of $1500. With the mega capacity of 9.0 cubic feet, this unit can tend to the needs of large families easily, and it makes it possible to fit a full set of bedding and a king size comforter in a single load.
The DLEX8000V uses the TrueSteam technology to generate real steam that will reduce wrinkles and odors efficiently, eliminating the need for ironing. This makes it a real time saver for anyone out there, because let’s face it, ironing the clothes isn’t a pleasant activity, and it consumes a lot of time as well.
It has 14 drying programs to choose from, 11 options, and 5 temperature settings that provide you with 5 drying levels. In addition, this model has many useful fabric care and convenience features that sets it ahead of the competition, the most important of them being the SteamFresh cycle, the SteamSanitary cycle, the EasyIron option, the SpotClean cycle, the Sensor Dry system, the Wrinkle Care option, it has a drum light, child lock, the door is reversible, and an Anti-Bacterial cycle.

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