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Learning How to Metal Detect – Advice from the Experts

People have different hobbies. Some like arts and crafts, some play tennis or golf, and some like to spend time looking for treasures using a metal detector. If you are interested in metal detecting but do not know exactly how to do this, this article might help you learn the secrets of this activity. The first step to taking up this hobby is to buy the right tool, so you should do some research on the internet and take a look at metal detectors ratings in order to see which one is the best and which one is suitable for you. Here is what experts say about the first steps in metal detecting.

Selecting the first detector

The first step you have to make the moment you decide to take up this hobby is to buy the right tool for you. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous companies on the market that provide high quality metal detectors, so you should do some research online right away. Make a list of the companies you find and check for the prices each firm asks for the devices it provides. Ask for other people’s opinions regarding the companies you have written on your list in order to see which one is the most appreciated by its previous customers. If you have not used such a device before, it is recommended to look for one that is specifically designed for beginners.

Learning how to swing the metal detector

It is important to know how to use the device when looking for treasures hidden underground. The way you swing the metal detector has a lot to do with whether you find those treasures or not and it is as important as selecting the right settings. Experts say that the best method is to swing the gadget “low and slow”. This implies that the detector coil has to be placed as close to the ground as possible, keeping in mind that it should not touch the ground. What is more, the movement should be done quite slowly in order to give the detector time to process and actually detect what is beneath it. Swinging too fast will not allow the device to pick up all those smaller targets.

Learning how to dig for treasures

As boring as this might sound, it is crucial to know how to dig for the found treasures, since this is an important part of the metal detecting process. Experts recommend digging up a target with care without leaving any trace that you have disturbed the ground, especially if you are planning to return to that very spot one more time. You would not want other treasure hunters to know where you have dug up that piece of gold or that very old and valuable coin. Use the right digging tools for this and do not forget to cover every hole appropriately.

Overall, these are the most important tips experts offer to beginner treasure hunters. Some people start this only as a hobby, but after some time they decide to turn it into a real profession.

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