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Infrared Heater Designs that Match Every Room in Your House

Finding the right heater for your home implies many aspects and besides the efficiency and functionality, you must have aesthetics in mind, and you must find a type of heater that will match every interior design of the rooms in your house. An infrared heater is an option that is not only extremely efficient but also very versatile. The variety of shapes, colors and designs available on the market allow you to find the best rated infrared heater for each room of your house.

Infrared fireplaces

This is the perfect infrared heater design for a living room decorated in a classic design that creates a comfortable ambiance. The fireplace can either be mounted in the wall or can be placed as a stand-alone unit and it comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to match any living room. Their biggest advantage is that they recreate the feeling of a genuine fireplace without the hassle of using wood and creating smoke.

Wooden infrared heaters

These infrared heaters are great for any room of the house like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, balconies or hallways. The wooden housing is available in a variety of finishes that resembles natural wood or can have a paint coating to match the rest of the decorations. You don’t have to worry about the wood overheating as all the hot components are safely hidden away from the wooden housing. Also, there is no risk of swelling due to moisture in the air so you can enjoy the elegant design of the wooden infrared heaters without any problem.

Mirror infrared heaters

The mirror design is perfect for bathrooms not only because they can replace the actual mirror but have the advantage that they will never be covered in steam. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes and you can either place them above the sink or on a wall next to it and enjoy a full-size view. You can also place the mirror infrared heaters in the hallway or in the dressing and it can serve both as a heater and a mirror.

Infrared panels

Nowadays, the best rated infrared heater is the one that can combine design with functionality. As such, it is no wonder that infrared panels are becoming increasingly popular. These are perhaps the most stylish infrared heaters that can become real decorating items for rooms like the living room or your bedroom. They come in plenty of styles that look like paintings or you can choose versions in one color to match the furniture or the fabrics of your decorations. Infrared panels can be mounted on the walls or on the ceiling, so they are perfect for the children’s room or rooms with intense traffic.

Patio heaters

Infrared heaters can also be used for outdoor spaces like patios as they are efficient heating systems that reflect heat towards objects. Opt for wall mounted heaters that can radiate heat from above or standing heaters with a tall foot and a wide base that offer it stability.

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