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Daring Mens Hairstyle Ideas

Just like women, men are concerned about their look, and having an eye catching hairstyle is vital to achieve a perfect look. Make heads turn when you walk down the street by trying one of the following daring men’s hairstyle ideas.

Angular fringe

This hairstyle caught our attention first in 2014, when male models started taking on this look. Since then, some men have adopted the hairstyle themselves, and they rocked the look without flinching an eye.
The angular fringe hairstyle is achieved by having tapered sides, while keeping the top layer long and cut at an angle. It’s not a pretentious look, being suited for all face shapes, but it looks best on those who have a round face.

Man bun

No woman can resist a guy with an interesting look, and there is nothing more interesting than the man bun.
To achieve this hairstyle, you have to let your hair grow and simply tie it in a bun. This has been done by women since for ever, because it’s a casual way to avoid having your hair enter your eyes.
Contrary to common belief, this hairstyle didn’t appear since the hipsters started wearing it, but it”s been a look for men with long hair that has always been around.
The only reason it was tabu, and honestly it still is even now, is because it’s expected of men to have short hair, trimmed in a look like they are soldiers in a war.

Long locks

If you took the time to grow your hair as a man, you most probably don’t want to cut it ever again.
As with the man bun, you don’t have to be a woman to rock this look.
There are many famous men who are rocking this simple and sexy hairstyle. For example, Chris Hemsworth made thousands of women drool over him in “Thor” not only with his gorgeous body, but with his angelic and impeccable long locks. Another famous and proud adept of the long locks hairstyle is Jared Leto, our next beloved Joker.
To have the long locks hairstyle, you don’t need to have a certain face shape, or body type, because it looks hot on any man. Women adore this look, and men who wear it definitely have to be daring to try it, because as mentioned before, it’s expected of them to have the shortest hair possible, not long and beautiful locks.
In addition, you will look shockingly hot in a suit rocking this simple and amazing hairstyle, that most men don’t have the courage to even think about because they find it feminine. Nothing could be more wrong, and no woman can resist this manly and brave look.

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