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Cute Spring Nail Designs

You can’t be updated to the latest fashion trends only with having a hairstyle and outfit that goes with the trend. Your nails need as much attention paid to them as the rest of the elements of your look to really achieve an overall up to date look with everything that’s hot. Here are some cute spring nail designs to try out that are hot now, and will make your hands get noticed by everyone, being the envy of all your friends.

Striped models

The striped nail designs are easy to do, and you can go wild and choose whatever combinations you like to achieve this design.
You can choose to fill your nail with differently colored vertical, horizontal, or diagonal stripes, or even make a different stripe design for each nail if you want.
The result will be playful and cheery, no matter what design you go with, because colored stripes look fun and cute.

Be one with the ocean

To get this beach babe design on you nails, use two shades of light blue nail polish to make a degrade that reminds anyone who looks at them of the sea side, and add matte gold nail polish or golden glitter polish on the tip to mimic the sun shining on the water surface, or on the base of your nails to mimic the sand.
If you have little decorations for your nails that remind of the sea, like little sea horses or shellfish, you can add them to a couple of nails on each hand for an even cuter look.

Make the little mermaid jealous

Make Ariel jealous on your cute nails by making them look like they are covered in mermaid scales. To achieve this nail design, you have to use two coats of light purple, green, or blue. We will take purple as the example, and the same procedure applies no matter the color you go with.
Purple is a color that goes well with most of the outfits you can think of anyway, and it’s not heavy on the eye either. Therefore, if you want to attract attention without looking like a clown, this is the design you should go with.
First put on a coat of the lighter purple nail polish, and let it dry completely before making any further steps. After the first coat of nail polish is dried, you can safely proceed with the next steps.
Apply on a piece of mesh the second nail polish that is in the darker tone of purple, and put it over the entire nail. After this, apply nail solvent on a sponge and lightly press with it on the upper half of the mesh that is covering your nail to create the look of scales.

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