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Cans and Cants when Living in a Student Flat

Being a student offers you the opportunity to make your own choices. You can choose what faculty you want to enroll to, in what city you want to study, what accommodation type you prefer and what dressing style you want to have from now on. All these choices are up to you, but this does not mean that there are not rules, which you have to follow. Some of them are written some of them are not, but if you want to have a peaceful staying in your student housing, you should take a look at this cans and cants.

Cans when staying in a student flat

You have to take into consideration that when you rent a space you should ask the property owner what you are allowed to do in that particular space, and what you are not. Usually you sing a contract and there are stated all the terms and conditions, but in case you have no idea what you are allowed to do here are some hints. You are allowed to move the furniture items from their place, as long as you do not affect the condition of the flat, and their state. You can gather there with your colleagues and friends, and study or watch a movie. You can use all the appliances and bring other ones in case the contract allows you. Depending on the contract, you might benefit from exactly the same rights every renter has, or you might have a customized contract for a student. The proprietor will state these conditions to you and you should take care to respect them.

Cants when you staying in a student flat

These cants are not applied to all the rented spaces, but to the majority of them. When you are living in a student’s complex, you might not be allowed to drink alcoholic drinks or consume narcotic substances. Depending on the country or region, in some places you are not allowed to smoke inside the flat or on its balcony. In addition, there are some student accommodations where you cannot bring your colleagues and friends in the night, and they cannot sleep at your place. To find out exactly how long your friends can stay, you should ask the landlord when you are renting the flat, because every complex has different rules. Depending on what your contract states, you might not be allowed to bring in pets or animals, because they might cause damages to the property. Also, in many cases there is forbidden to host parties, and to listen to music at a volume which might disturb your neighbors. You have to consider that even if all your neighbors might be students, some of them do not like the same music as you do, and they can cause you troubles in case they contact the police or the proprietor. You should avoid these situations in case you are not absolutely sure that you are allowed to do a certain thing, and read carefully the contract you sign to see if the space you rent is suitable to you and your needs.

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