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Best Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

The non-alcoholic cocktails are the healthier version that can be enjoyed by everyone, at any time of the day and regardless the weather, as they do not make you feel dizzy or interfere with the locomotion functions. Discover below some of the best non-alcoholic cocktail recipes that you can try for an evening with your friends or at the children’s party.

Arizona Sunset

For this non-alcoholic cocktail recipe, you will need some grenadine syrup, some Sprite, orange juice, and cherries or orange slices for garnish. The proportions depend on your taste and on the number of cocktail you wish to make. Mix the Sprite and the orange juice into a pitcher, then add some grenadine syrup into a glass and pour the mixture over it. Garnish with cherries or oranges and add ice if you prefer it colder.

Lavender coconut lemonade

This is a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe that satisfies the most refined tastes with a combination of exotic and smooth flavors. To obtain this delicious beverage, mix some lemon juice with a dash of sugar, coconut water, and lavender syrup. Adjust the proportions according to your tastes and add some plain water to help mix the flavors. Shake the ingredients vigorously and enjoy the wonderful combination.

Passion fruit cocktail

This is an interesting cocktail that combines strong and smooth ingredients into a beverage that will become your favorite delight on a summer day. You will need some mint leaves that you will chop, some lime slices and a couple of ginger sticks and you will mix everything into a bowl. Then you will add the flesh of about 8 passion fruits and the juice from a few oranges. Add some ice cubes and top everything with sparkling soda and the passion fruit cocktail is ready.

Asian pear sprinkler

Although this non-alcoholic cocktail recipe takes longer to be prepared, the waiting will be worth it. This cocktail requires some fresh Asian pear juice, a drop of lemon juice, some honey, some sugar, fresh rosemary sprigs, some ginger, some soda water and ice. First to have to mix the pear juice with the lemon juice, the honey, the sugar, the rosemary and the ginger and bring everything to a boil while constantly stirring the pot. Let the resulted syrup cool, then strain it through a fine strainer and pour it in glasses. Add ice and soda water and balance the taste using more or less syrup.

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