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Bernina 1008 – The Tailor’s Friend

If you decided to become a tailor and start your own business, the first thing you will need is a sewing machine. Because you want to offer your clients high quality clothes and house accessories, you should carefully select the sewing machine you will use. Maybe your friends recommended you to use a Bernina model and in this case, you should look online for Bernina 1008 price, because this model is really loved from tailors all around the world. This one is perfect for you if you want to start a little business from home.

Bernina 1008’s features

If you want a basic sewing machine, then Bernina 1008 is the right one, because it has the standard features every tailor needs. It comes with 17 utility and decorative stitches, a buttonhole and two decorative stitches. These features give you the possibility of varying the width and length, so you will be able to do all the work you plan in a precise and reliable way. It gives you the possibility of using different zigzag and straight stitches and a lot of other things you may need when sewing, like mending, hemming or making decorative embellishment. All its features assure you that you can use it for many years. It is a quite versatile device, because it can be used to sew natural fabrics, synthetic fibers, knits, fine fabrics leather and upholstery. It has many accessories, as screwdriver, seam ripper and 5 presser feet. It also features some optional accessories, as specialty presser feet for jeans, braiding, embroidery, and invisible zipper.

Advantages of using Bernina 1008

This is a sewing machine that makes sewing fast and smooth, because it does 1,050 stitches per minute. It is an easy machine, which has no jam or other issues that may disturb you. It will provide you a high quality stitch and you can create clothes from heavy wools and chiffon with ease. It is perfect for free motion stitching and mending and it gives you the possibility of changing the 1008 to free motion. In this way, you can sew your fabric in any shape you want. Because it has the feed-up drop feature, you will find it very useful for sewing decorative edges, appliques or use it to reinforce edges. It also gives you the possibility of fully controlling the sewing direction, which makes it ideal for sewing outlines and pre-marked lines. Users say that the quality of the stitches this sewing machines does is very good. You can adapt the stitch width in five different steps and the stitch length has infinite options. For a tailor nothing is more disturbing than a sewing machine that backfires, but with this beauty, nothing is more perfect that sewing. It has an intuitive design and it handles the fabric perfectly. If you want a sewing machine that allows you to finish your projects in time and make your clients happy, choose Bernina 1008.

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