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5 Reasons why You Should Stop Buying Bottled Water

People tend to get comfortable in their everyday lives and they tend to ignore the dangers around them. We pick up bad habits that are hard to shake-off because of our lifestyles. When our health is being threatened we have to pay close attention and try to change what is causing the problem in the first place. When it comes to the matter of bottled water, inform yourself before going out to buy another bottle; it does more harm than you can imagine to yourself and to the planet as well. Here are the best five reasons to stop buying bottled water:

1.It costs a lot more than it’s worth

When you go to a shop and buy yourself a bottle of water you don’t realize how much you’re paying over the price it’s actually worth. It’s two thousand times cheaper to just go home and drink a glass of water from the faucet or from your home water filter if you own one. If you’re going to be away from water sources for a while, better put some water in a stainless steel thermos before leaving home. This way the water is also kept at its initial temperature and you won’t participate in the process of enriching companies that produce bottled water and sell it to people at high prices. If you think that your tap water is not very pure, consider installing water filter. The most reliable water filters are the whole house units, but those can be quite expensive. Instead you can opt for a small countertop or undersink filter which costs very little compared to all the money that you waste on bottled water.

2.Bacteria and chemicals

Ironically, tap water might be safer to drink than bottled water. Advertisements have made people believe that bottled water is pure, an aspect that was contradicted on many occasions over time. In 1999, for example, a test on over 1000 bottles of water that came from 103 different brands showed that a part of these bottles were contaminated; they contained various types of bacteria and toxic chemicals. Drinking bottled water does not guarantee that the precise water you are drinking has been filtered and cleansed properly. Therefore it isn’t a good idea to rely on blind trust just because that brand has a commercial that says otherwise. For your mind to be put at peace, use a home water filter and see with your own two eyes that every drop of water you drink has been filtered and cleansed. The most reliable water filters can filter over 99,9% of the chlorine found in tap water along with numerous other dangerous contaminants.


Unfortunately, people don’t recycle the bottles of water they consume; not most of them at least. Empty bottles are thrown on the streets, in the fields and probably worst of all, in the water. The cycle of nature is disturbed by our neglect. We pollute our water, our land, everything, because we are avid consumers that forget to recycle when they finish. Mother nature can’t protect herself from the absurd amounts of plastic water bottles that pollute the lands and waters, so we’d better stop buying bottled water to help rehabilitate the planet we live on.

4.Water shortage

The production of bottled water has a dark humor to it. Believe it or not, it actually takes more water to produce the plastic for the bottle than is put inside of it at the end of the process. For the production of a one liter bottle of water, there are actually three to five liters that are being used. Water isn’t limitless and these days there are companies that see water as the new gold, making themselves rich off of our nativity and speeding the process of global drought. The people who are privileged and to not know what dehydration feels like should at least respect the less fortunate ones that live in countries where water shortage is an actual problem by refusing to help these death moguls that waste our most important and vital product, water.

5.Downfall of the public system

Indeed it sounds strange, but by avoiding to use tap water we are helping companies that sell bottled water to defeat the public system. Not knowing how harmful bottled water actually is, people praise it and consume it to avoid the germs, bacteria and viruses that tap water contains; but tap water is actually being purified by your local public system, they are obliged to do so. Contrary to what people believe, the risks are higher when consuming bottled water. The best way to avoid getting sick because of who knows what type of virus or chemical while still helping the public system is to buy a home water filter; this way you don’t help companies take control of everything and you’re assured that the water is clean.

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